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MusicNJLessons Services
45 Minute Lessons
At MusicNJLessons we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique musical needs. We teach lessons 7 days a week either in your home or in either of our Fanwood or Hillside locations. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. 

We provide group and private lessons on most instruments as well as vocals to all ages and levels. We also offer lessons on  music theory and analysis,   sight reading  eartraining,   music history,   and song writing.  

Special needs students are welcomeplease give us full details on their needs and learning styles to best assist them.

 Although we do accept "call-ins" (not really having any consistency and just having a lesson when you have a time that works with your teacher's availability) and bi-weekly students (students seeing their teacher every other week for a lesson), we encourage weekly lessons and try to maintain a day and time with our students as much as possible to allow for maximum growth. See our descriptions below to figure out which lesson plan is best for you!
We recommend half hour (30 minute) lessons per instrument/topic for the very young student (2-6 years). We also recommend these shorter sessions for those with attention disorders. These sessions also work well for students who are just starting with us and want to "test the waters" first and give us a try; for example if you were unsure if you would like to study one instrument over another, taking a half an hour with each instrument could help you determine what is right for you!

$35 - rate subject to increase if taking in home lessons and distance traveled exceeds 30 minutes.
                          If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!                                                                                                  Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
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We recommend 45 minute lessons per instrument/topic for the older student (generally 7-12 years), as this is a typical duration that classes in schools last. This time allows for a well balanced lesson of playing songs and exercises, and understanding the theory behind them. It also allows more time for answering questions and fixing bad habits with technique, allowing you to play the notes of the piece more accurately on your instrument with less discomfort.

$50 - rate subject to increase if taking in home lessons and distance traveled exceeds 30 minutes.
1 Hour Lessons
We recommend 60 minute lessons per instrument/topic for our teenage and adult students (generally 13 years and up), although we do have younger students with great interest and ability that elect to take hour lessons. 

$70 - rate subject to increase if taking in home lessons and distance traveled exceeds 30 minutes.
30 Minute Lessons