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About MusicNJLessons
Founded by experienced educator, clinician, author, composer and performer Caryn Feder in 2012, MusicNJLessons strives to provide the best music lessons in New Jersey. We care about our students and want them to learn both how to function on their instrument (or with their instrument in the case of singers) with good technique, as well as how to read music. We also want them to enjoy what they are doing, as music is a means of expression, a great hobby, and a productive way to de-stress. What we believe sets us apart from other music lesson businesses out there is that with us there are no middle men/women; you're dealing right with the instructors. This eliminates the possibilities of double booking students, having to try to explain music-related things to non-musician "desk-folk", and having your tuition hiked up to cover their increase in rent. You also do not have to worry about being thrown a different instructor every couple of months because the ones you are given keep getting offered full-time jobs and quit their part-time ones or go off and tour with their bands and leave you hanging. We are not a big chain; we are local and care about our community. You will also not have to worry about being crammed into a small room and being barely able to hear yourself think much less play because there are people playing loudly in rooms next door. There are so many nightmares that exist in many music lesson businesses; let us eliminate them for you!

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Our Four P's - Patience, Professionalism, Patrons & Personal Taste
Patience - Our instructors are patient and understand that although our nation's constitution states that "all men were created equal," our students' amount of time to practice, ability, interest level, and self goals were not. Students are given assignments week to week, allowing them to work at their own pace with as little pressure as possible, while still encouraging and motivating them to do their best. 

Professionalism - Our instructors are professional musicians with college degrees who have years of experience teaching and are actively gigging and performing within their communities. They are not just high school kids that "sort of know" what they're doing because they took a lesson or two, who can barely read music like many music lesson schools employ. By the same token, if we are coming to your door for the lesson we are not going to show up late and will not dress, act, or speak inappropriately, nor will we show up sniffling and ready to give your whole family a cold like other in-home lesson businesses do. We strive to be positive role models. We do not believe in chiding students, but rather encouraging them to do better. Rather than intimidate, we wish to inspire with our talents!

Patrons - We appreciate you! When our students are children, we look to the parents as partners. We share our knowledge and talents with our students during their lessons and team up with their parents, who then help along the growth and learning process by encouraging and enforcing as regimented a practice routine as their schedule allows for; this ensures progress is made from week to week. When our students are adults, we understand they work hard for their money; that's why we work hard for ours. Our goal is to give you the best music lessons, period. 

Personal Taste - We understand that music is a very personal thing. Not all of us listen to the same types and genres of music; there are tons of styles and artists out there! Although often to get you rolling and progressing we do recommend working out of method books, we are absolutely NOT opposed to working on tunes you want to bring into lessons. We want you to enjoy yourself, perform your music, and whether you need work on hearing musical intervals with ear training, understanding the theory behind chords and melodies, developing the technique to play the part on your instrument, or just don't know how to count a rhythm, we'll do everything we can to you help you develop the skills necessary to do your thing! 

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